6 Reasons You Should Be Watching Super Netball

The new Australian Suncorp Super Netball leaue started on Saturday and it was SUPER EXCITING. If you haven’t already, here are 6 reasons y’all need to tune in from the UK.

1. It’s the best league there is

The Super Netball league is setting such awesome standards for women’s sport. It’s smashing broadcast ratings. It gets tons of coverage. All the games could go either way – the biggest margin this weekend was 5 goals and there was even a draw. The players fight through the whole match like it’s the final quarter. The coaches are stars of the show and have totally brilliant reactions (we are all Giants coach Julie Fitzgerald, screaming at the sideline).

2. Loads of the England lot are in it

Totally not jealous of all that Aussie sunshine… Geva Mentor’s captaining the Sunshine Coast Lightning team, Serena Guthrie and Jo Harten are in the Giants, Helen Housby’s in the NSW Swifts, Ama Agbeze, Jade Clarke and Chelsea Pitman are in the Adelaide Thunderbirds and Stacey Francis is in West Coast Fever.

3. There’s some great plotlines

Even just this weekend, Helen Housby and the young Swifts team led for most of the game against the international experience of the Giants, while the teamwork of the Vixens upset Sharni Layton’s new all-star Magpies team (described by Erin Delahunty as the Real Madrid of netball). Check out Liz Ellis’ great roundup of the teams for guidance on who to support.

4. There are STATS

This sh*t is a coach’s dream. Rather than just shooting stats, you can keep up to date with ladders like ‘most goal assists’ (currently our own Chelsea Pitman), ‘most centre pass receipts’ and ‘most intercepts’.

Super Netball stats

5. It’s all on an app

On the Netball Live app, you can see all the team and ladders info. Within the app you just pay either a daily/monthly/annual subscription (annual sub only £13.99), then you can watch all the live games and replays you want.

6. It’s on a Saturday morning

I.e. ideal pre-netball tea and toast viewing. And if you can’t fit it all in on the Saturday, ya can just watch all the replays on Sun.