9 Reasons You Should Start Playing Netball

This week I was over the moon when a non-netball friend asked if she could come along to netball with me. It got me thinking that I don’t ask my friends to come and play enough – I would be so happy if they wanted to join, but if I don’t ask them they might not realise the invitation is there. I remember reading something in This Girl Can saying the main reason women start playing sport is because a friend invites them along, so my challenge to you is to bring one new friend along to netball with you this summer.

If you think they need persuasion, send them this list of 9 great reasons why everyone should start playing netball!

1) It’s so easy to start

There are so many options for anyone who wants to start playing netball. Back to Netball sessions take place every week all around the country; you can join the beginners’ division of a social league; and leagues like The Netball Club and Playnetball have dedicated training sessions for new starters. If you’re stuck, get in touch with me and I’ll point you in the right direction.

2) You’ll have a support group

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When I started playing netball again in London, the best thing was meeting lots of people in the same position as me. You’ll get to know everyone at your Back to Netball session really quickly and if you join a social league you’ll be part of a team of people who are also learning how to play.

3) It’s the opposite of serious


Netball as an adult is nothing like the netball you played at school – Back to Netball and social leagues are loads of fun. You can spend the whole game chatting to the person you’re marking and if you make a mistake everyone laughs with you.

4) It’s amazing for fitness

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Netball is the ultimate in HIIT training and it’s amazing for cardio and toning – you’ll find it really hard for the first few weeks, then you’ll suddenly realise you played a whole game without getting tired. You can play GS/GK if you don’t want to run loads, or C if you really want to get your exercise fix.

5) You can bring the family

Kids are a regular fixture on the side of netball courts around the country and nobody will bat an eyelid if you bring them along. If there’s a spare court, they can throw a ball around while you play and once they’re old enough they can come and join your team.

6) You can progress


Netball is great for motivation because you always have a goal – it might be to captain a team, to play a whole game without getting tired or to join a club.

7) You’ll be learning something new

Learning a new sport is a great way to challenge your brain and you’ll feel a great sense of achievement after you’ve figured out a new drill or move.

8) It’s convenient

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You can wear whatever you like, play as often as you like and play how you like. Most netball leagues take place in the evening and matches only last 45 minutes so you don’t have to be there long (unless there’s drinks after, of course).

9) Guys can get involved too

Where there are netball leagues, there are mixed netball leagues. No excuse not to get your male friends into it as well.


Good luck recruiting your friends, I can’t wait to hear about it!

Kerry xxx