Crystal Palace netball league

Hi netballers!

Very exciting news for you all – some entrepreneurial netballers are starting a new netball league in Crystal Palace. I caught up with Becci to find out more about The Netball Club.

What’s the story behind The Netball Club?

Becci: Cheryl, Lisa, Kathryn and I met a few years ago playing social netball in Crystal Palace. Lisa, Kathryn and I had met through a local mums Facebook group and joined an all mums team – most of us hadn’t played netball for 10-20 years. Cheryl joined the league six months later playing for another team and we became good friends through attending local tournaments and social gatherings around the league. We decided one night a week just wasn’t enough for us, so the four of us joined a team together in Balham on a Thursday night as well as our regular Monday night.

We all became really good friends and one evening came up with the idea of running our own league. Netball really is our passion; we were beginning to feel like the social leagues we were playing in had lost a bit of their identity. We wanted to create an environment where people could really feel comfortable when signing up or joining and not feel worried or anxious about having little or no experience. For those who do play already, they would be able to play, have fun and learn from each other.

What’s the venue like?

Our first league is situated at Harris Academy School, just 5 mins from Crystal Palace station and on local bus routes. We will be using the outdoor courts, which will be fully lit from 7.15-9.30pm.

Crystal Palace is our pilot league, but we are keen to expand to the larger London area and will be looking into venues later this year.

When will the league start?

The league starts on the 24th Feb for the winter season. We’re holding a “get to know you” session (including some drills and short games) a week beforehand on the 17th. The season will last 8 weeks, followed by a week’s break before the next season starts.

How good at netball do I need to be?

It’s a social league, so all ages (from 16+) and abilities are welcome whether you’re a complete beginner, returning to netball or play on a regular basis. We have many people joining who haven’t played in a long time.

In addition to the league we currently run training sessions every other Sunday at the same venue and have been lucky enough to secure indoor courts! On average approximately 25 people have been coming along. Our sessions consist of a 10 minute warm up, an hour of drills followed by 40-50 minutes of games. We charge £5 for the two hours and anyone is welcome – a lot of people come for a bit of exercise and to socialise. The training sessions provide a place for fellow netballers to come along and socialise while improving fitness, stamina and technique.

Can I register as an individual?

Yes, of course, and if you do we will place you in a team with other individuals. We would encourage you to come along to one of the training sessions so that you can decide which position suits you most and try to put you in an evenly balanced team.

Elevator pitch time – why should Londoners sign up to The Netball Club?

The Netball Club is about bringing like-minded people together to share in our passion and to enjoy a team sport regardless of age or ability. We are four women who are passionate about netball – we have all played in (and continue to play in) social leagues, listened to people’s concerns and encourage constructive feedback. We want to create a fun and enjoyable playing environment that people will want to come back to and believe we will offer a good balance between fun and competitiveness.


Interested? Check out The Netball Club’s website here.

Thanks so much to Becci for speaking to me – I’m really excited to hear how the new league gets on!

Kerry xxxx