Lessons From Eboni Beckford-Chambers

Hi ballers,

Prepare to be jealous. In a fantastic perk of the job, this weekend I got to meet England defender Eboni Beckford-Chambers in a session organised by the wonderful team at The Netball Club. We spent Sunday morning doing some great defensive drills, getting loads of advice and learning a new move called the Cannon (both defenders jump to block the shot one after another). I’m all inspired now so I’m putting together an article on #defencegoals for you all – watch out for that coming soon!

I’m gonna have to start gushing now, because Eboni is now my new hero. Despite playing for England since her teens, spending four years playing netball in the ANZ and probably having to do loads of photo shoots all the time, she was incredibly down to earth and made everyone laugh loads over the two hours. She must be totally exhausted as well – she’s qualifying as a solicitor at the moment alongside captaining Team Bath. The training schedule alone means she does lots of high intensity gym work Monday-Friday as well as spending two hours on court most days. I’d find meeting 50 people pretty hard even on a good day, let alone if I’d just finished a week like that! She was so energetic and kept cheering everyone on in the drills, answered all our questions really honestly and spent loads of time taking photos with everyone afterwards. The best part for me was that I managed to make an interception while she was watching, so I will probably quit netball now.

To top it all, check out this pic of us on her Instagram where Eboni says SHE was energised by US:



A huge thank you to the wonderful team behind The Netball Club for setting the whole thing up. I was so impressed with how professional and well organised everything was – I keep forgetting the league has only been going for a couple of months! For those of you who missed the article about it, it’s a league recently set up by four netballers from the Crystal Palace area. There was such a great atmosphere at the session – everyone was really friendly, supportive and had a great laugh with each other. I was amazed when loads of people said they hadn’t played netball for 20 years or so before joining The Netball Club – the training sessions are obviously doing something right!

The Netball Club’s new league starts on 11th May, so you can sign up now with time to head down to one of their training sessions to get some practice in first. All the details on their website here, and pic of the lovely founders below.



Watch out for that defence article coming soon!

Kerry xxxx