England v Malawi: Netball Squad live blog


All over here at the Copper Box, England take the win 66-60. A high scorer and a good fight from Malawi.


If netball doesn’t work out I think Malawi C Lwazi has a career as a long jumper.


FEARLESS play from Mwai Kumwenda in at GS, punched in the face multiple times but still smiling.


Sacha Corbin comes on for Haythornethwaite to rapturous applause. Some highly slick attack going on down the England end now.


Some A* netball from Malawi brings them back to within 6. I’m talking real cheeky look-away-jump-passes.


England doing the baller thing of walking on court before being told.


Some awesome acrobatics from Malawi. Would that we all looked like that when we played.

51-41 at three quarter time!


Dunn off, Cardwell on and Malawi C helps England sort out their bibs. Good netball spirit.

Corbin hits the deck again.


We think Malawi should switch their style of defence.

Update: Blinder of an intercept by Nwgira. Ignore us.


Good hustle by Corbin in the circle. 10 in it now but England looking comfortable. Malawi struggling to make inroads now in attack.


I am always very impressed by by Jade Clarke when I see her play. She manages a tidy edge of the circle intercept. Rachel Dunn finding acres of space under the post.


My expert opinion is that this will be a High Scoring Game. 39-30 at the break.

Malawi playing some impressive netball here and came out with lots more confidence in Q2. If they keep it up we could have a close game…


Malawi GK makes a Layton-worthy intercept while Kadeen Corbin is bringing out sass that could only have been honed in the London netball leagues.

I am unsure of the score.


Effy offering good advice from her seat to the players on court. Malawi seem to be having a stormer. Coincidence?

Only 7 in it now….




After Q1 we’re at England 22, Malawi 10.

Malawi going to have to have a real power quarter here. Unfortunately they can’t blame a big Friday night like we usually would at this point.


Can all Malawi shooters do the splits? How do they learn? Can they teach us?


We’ve just spotted Pamela Cookey has joined Caroline Barker in the commentary box. I bet her analysis is much better than this.

Somehow England have gone up to 16-6 in 10 minutes. At this point on a Thursday I would usually suggest playing versatility, but my guess is Tracey Neville isn’t going to do that.


Kadeen hits the deck. We’ve all been there, but at least we are not usually on TV.


Someone has called time. We are confused as to why.

EDIT: It’s Mwai Kumwenda! Nooooo


Kadeen Corbin nails a long bomb after doing one of her incredible passes. If only we could all pass like Corbin.


That heart beat noise would send me over the edge if I was on court. Too much stress.

England are on the board!


Starting lineup for England:

GS Rachel Dunn

GA Kadeen Corbin

WA Natalie Haythornethwaite

C Jade Clarke

WD Beth Cobden

GD Jodie Gibson

GK Ama Agbeze (C)

Imagine writing that lineup on your scorecard on a Saturday.


Hello and welcome to our first ever live match blog! Tonight we will be bringing you all the highlights of what promises to be a very exciting England match against Malawi. In the Netball Squad commentary box tonight is Kerry and Effy. This can only go well.