10 Reasons You Should Join A Netball Club

Here at Netball Squad, we love netball clubs so much we made a whole map of them. Here are 10 highly compelling reasons for you to join one right now.

1) Anyone can do it

Leslie Knope, typical Goal Attack

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There are so many clubs, leagues and divisions that there’s something for everyone. Lots of social netball leagues are a pretty similar standard to some of the club leagues so you won’t feel out of your depth when you start.

2) You get to train with your team

Clubs generally train on a weeknight and play matches at the weekend. Training together makes so much difference when it comes to the matches.

3) You’ll have a coach

I think this is the best reason to join a club – if you want to improve at netball, you’ve got to get some coaching. Coaches will be able to analyse how you’re currently doing things and help you improve.

4) It’s great value for money


Club fees are usually about £200 for the year, which works out about £25 a month for all the matches and coaching. Way better value than a gym membership!

5) There are great socials

As well as the regular post-match sessions, there’s Christmas parties, end of season parties, tournaments abroad…

6) It makes you want to get fit

You don’t need to be super fit to play netball, but it gives you something to train for – every time you go for a run, you know it’ll make those 15 minute quarters a little easier.

7) You get kit

I absolutely did not choose my club based on how nice their kit was. That would be silly.

8) You get a new squad

Everyone’s new BFF! Thanks @Kadeen_Corbin for the shooting session last night. Was great to have you.

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Joining a netball club is the best way I know to make a great group of friends. You’ll play with your team twice a week, have loads of socials and go on tour together in the summer.

9) You care about the league

Winning the league means being promoted to a higher division, so you’ll find yourself bookmarking the league website and getting really into stats all of a sudden.

10) It’s basically a women’s networking group


Forget going to Meetup groups or work networking events – I’ve met way more interesting, fun people through my club than I have done anywhere else.


Ready to get involved? Find your perfect club on our netball map.

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