14 of the Best Netball Attack Skills

I’ve been planning this follow up to my my #defencegoals article for ages, but my favourite netball YouTube channel was recently taken down along with all the ANZ and World Cup videos. Luckily, this week I discovered Netball Europe’s channel and had a great time watching this match between England and Scotland. Here are some of the best moves from the shooters to inspire you to improve your attacking game.

1) The perfectly timed drive

Scotland’s Gallagher is a great, creative GA – check out her Pam Cookey-esque drive into the circle.

2) The perfectly timed finish

Great timing here from England GS Housby, who gets free at the exact time Haythornthwaite is ready to pass.

3) The penalty pass

Corbin and Malcolm give a great demonstration of how to get closer to the post in a penalty situation.

4) The rebound

Another great one from Corbin – it doesn’t matter if you miss if you can pick up the rebound.

5) The out-and-in

Housby uses a few passes in and out to get herself closer to the post.

6) The roll

Really well executed move here by Goodwin, Scotland’s GS (well spotted by the C too).

7) The split landing

Gets you loads closer to the post and gives you bonus points for style.

8) The defensive attack

I am a huge fan of Ella Clark because she gives me hope that basketball can translate well into netball. Here she manages to get a great turnover in the attacking half of the court.

9) The shooter-to-shooter pass

Also a great example of the n0-look pass. I love the surprise on the faces of Cook and Gibson.

10) The unstable shot

This would be a great one for shooters to practice. Great for that core strength too.

11) Creating space

I love a good shooting partnership and Ella Clark and Ellie Cardwell look like they might be a strong duo for England. Clark does a great job here of creating loads of space in the circle then putting an easy pass into Cardwell.

12) The strong take

Cardwell does a great job here of holding onto the ball under pressure from two defenders.

13) The early feed

This is a great example of why you should keep your head up and watch what your shooting partner is up to – GA Pettitt manages to spot GS Goodwin free under the post.

And last but not least…

14) The Corbin

*clap emoji*


I’d definitely recommend watching the match if you have an hour to spare – here’s the video!

Kerry xxxxxx