Netball Centre Court Skills

It’s the day you’ve all been waiting for: here’s the third part in my series of netball skill articles! These clips are from the England v Jamaica bronze medal match in 2015’s Netball World Cup. Check out the excellent NWC YouTube channel for full replays of all the matches.

1) Holding space on the edge

Being able to work the ball around the ‘triangle’ is a key skill for C and WA players. Greenway (England WA) and Clarke (C) do a great job here of holding on the edge of the circle and keeping their defenders behind them.

2) Dodging to get free

This is such a fantastic change of direction from Jamaica’s WA Henry – she manages to see off two defenders and get free really quickly.

3) Balancing the court

Smart play as ever from Greenway – instead of driving straight forward, she moves over to the free channel and ends up with loads of room.

4) Supporting on the line

England passed the ball back to the GD and WD loads during this game – it helps give the attacking players time to get into a good space.

5) Pressuring on the circle edge

I mean I don’t know about you, but this looks pretty hard to pass around. Side point: I need to start doing whatever workout Guthrie’s been doing.

6) Restricting the centre pass

Another great one from England WD Guthrie – she really delays the run of the Jamaican WA so the GA has to come forward and receive the pass.

7) Repositioning on the circle

A great move around from Greenway to get around her defender and a nice bounce pass from Clarke too.

8) Defending on the circle edge

This is such an athletic jump by Thompson it’s ridiculous. Such a shame she puts her foot offside or it would have been an amazing block.

9) Hitting the circle edge

Thompson (playing C this time) does a great dodge and hits the circle edge at just the right time to receive the pass.

10) The long feed

When you have a shooter as good as Aiken under the post, you might as well lob it in from anywhere.

11) Switching players

England C and WD Clarke and Guthrie just seamlessly switch here and start marking each other’s players.

12) Defence supporting centre pass

I love this sprint-and-stop dodge by Guthrie to get free on the centre pass.

13) Working in and out

Quick hands by Greenway on the circle edge here to help Cookey get closer to the post.


14) …and for old time’s sake

No article on centre court would be complete without at least one clip of the Swifts.


There was too much great centre court material to fit in here so I’m planning another article about passing and catching skills… Let me know if you have any requests!

Kerry xxx