Netball Defence Goals

Okay, I’m biased, but I think defenders are the real stars of the netball world. To help give you inspiration on how to improve your game, here are some awesome #defencegoals from some of the world’s best.

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The clean intercept


Who to watch: Julie Corletto, the Australian goal defence

Julie Corletto makes it look so easy. In her training video for Sky she talks about the importance of staying in a line between the shooter and ball – here it pays off for her in the game with an intercept.

Tracking back


Who to watch: Serena Guthrie, the English wing defence

Serena Guthrie does a great job of tracking back with her WA here, managing to stick by her all the way into the corner while also watching the ball. Her teammate Eboni Beckford-Chambers is also ready to pick up the ball once she’s intercepted it.

The high tip


Who to watch: Sharni Layton, the Swifts goal keeper

Even though Sharni Layton is up against a taller shooter here, she’s great at getting high into the air and picking off the overhead pass. She also taps it neatly to herself rather than just whacking it miles out of court like I usually do.

Reading the game early


Who to watch: Sharni Layton, the Swifts goal keeper

Leaving the circle to go for an intercept is a high risk move for a GK because if you miss the ball, the GS is left unmarked in the circle. It pays off for Sharni here though – she reads the play early and comes flying in for the steal.

Intercepting on the circle edge


Who to watch: Sonia Mkoloma, the English goal defence

Sonia Mkoloma is one of my fave defenders – she plays in such a smart way. Rather than sticking tight on her GA here, she decides to hold back for a second and pick up the pass instead.

Flying intercept


Who to watch: Serena Guthrie, the English wing defence

Serena Guthrie is so great at reading the game and going for big flying intercepts. Here she doesn’t manage to hang on to it, but teammate Stacey Francis is in position to pick up the ball.



Who to watch: Sonia Mkoloma, the English goal defence

Sonia Mkoloma being amazing again here: denying a shot is really difficult to do, especially against someone as tall as Caitlin Bassett. She manages to jump and block the shot at the exact time Caitlin lets go of the ball. The added benefit of doing this is that it can make a shooter nervous and throw them off for the rest of the game.

Quick transition


Who to watch: The whole Swifts team

This is a fantastic display of speed after a turnover by the NSW Swifts. Great defenders should help get the ball quickly down court after an interception before the other team have time to reset.


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