11 Things You’ll Understand If You’ve Been To a Netball Festival

I am writing this while still recovering from an awesome day at this year’s Summer Social, one of the UK’s big netball tournaments. Here are 11 things I learnt this weekend. If you’ve ever been to a summer netball tournament, you’ll understand.

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1) How great it is to have the squad back together

When you’re used to spending two days a week together in the season, a couple of months apart feels like forever. It’s so great to have a whole day to sit around and catch up.

2) How you’re completely unprepared for the sun

Okay, I am slightly prepared for the sun at La Manga, but the weather at summer netball tournaments in the UK is always so much better than I expect it to be.

3) How great the picnics are

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I’m always impressed at how good a spread there is at netball tournaments. I personally like to pack lots of healthy snacks like cake and cider.

4) Everyone’s starstruck around members of the England team

The England team are the rockstars of summer netball festivals (if rockstars were really nice people who took time to speak to you). I am so jealous of the Hyde Park girls getting to meet Pamela Cookey at this year’s Bournemouth 7s.

5) You wish you were as good as the teams in the final

Summer Social netball final

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The crowd in this pic were watching Cumberland’s first team take on Surrey Storm in the Summer Social final. It feels a bit like watching the big kids through the school fence and hoping you’ll be as tall as them one day.

6) You have no idea what the score is

Does anyone really keep track of how many games they’ve won or lost at a netball tournament? It’s probably why the winners always look so surprised.

7) How much fun it is to play in fancy dress

Wandsworth Netball Club at Bournemouth 7s

Via Wandsworth Netball Club

I love Wandsworth’s matching dresses and balls this year. High fives all round.

8) How to make a human pyramid

Human pyramids are one of the core netball skills and are obligatory at netball festivals.

9) How great the netball family is

Summer Social netball champions Surrey Storm

2016’s Summer Social champions Surrey Storm. Copyright Netball Squad

Everyone seems to know everyone at netball tournaments, whether that be old teammates, officials, umpires, children, the list goes on. You spend the day chatting to the your opponent in the matches, cheering on both teams in the final and (if you’re me), trying to get in on selfies with Surrey Storm and Amanda Newton.

10) You’ll fall asleep on the way home

There’s something about a day out in the sun that makes me sleep like a baby.

11) You’re already looking forward to the next one

Beamers 7th Annual Tourni

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Same time next year?


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Kerry xxxx