5 Moves for Pre-Trial Netball Fitness with SportsFit


Very exciting news: I’ve teamed up with London’s SportsFit to bring you Netball Squad’s first fitness article!

If you haven’t heard of SportsFit, they offer great sports-specific fitness training in London. Head trainer Marnie is amazing – as well as running SportsFit, last year she played for England’s Indoor Netball and Touch Rugby teams (this year she’s “just” playing for England Touch). She kindly agreed to create this great functional netball fitness workout for us – the moves are perfect for getting you ready for trials after what feels like a long break. Marnie suggests doing 3 rounds of the workout, spending 30 seconds on each move. It’s a perfect one to do with friends at the park, especially if you get great weather like we did!

The other star of the GIFs below is Sacha, who plays netball for Ireland. Way to make me feel insecure about my netball skills, guys.

1) Squat jumps

Squat jumps are great for helping you jump higher in a match to get those rebounds or interceptions. Make sure to keep your back straight, your feet hip width apart and your knees behind your toes. If you’re finding them too high impact, try doing some deep squats instead.

2) Marching planks

This is a great exercise for your core and glutes. Keep your arms straight to make it easier for yourself, or rest on your elbows for a harder workout. Make sure to keep your body in a straight line with your back straight.

3) Jumping lunges

Lunges are fantastic for working your legs and glutes; jumping lunges are an advanced version which add in some plyometrics (great for netball). If you’re a beginner or want something with lower impact, try stepping forward like Sacha’s doing (on the left) rather than jumping. Remember not to let your knees go in front of your toes as you lunge.

4) Ice skaters

This is a great one because it helps you improve your lateral movement – perfect for when you need to dodge a defender. To lessen the impact, step side to side (like Sacha’s doing on the right) and just lean forwards rather than touching the floor.

5) Commandos

These modified planks (being demonstrated by Marnie on the left) are fab at improving your core and arm strength for strong passes. Remember to keep your body in a straight line at all times – don’t arch your back or lift your hips too high. Copy Sacha on the right for a less intense move.

Please consult your GP before trying these exercises.

Thanks so much to Marnie for the great workout and to Sacha for demoing for us! Watch this space for more netball fitness from SportsFit and Netball Squad. In the meantime, head down to Marnie’s fantastic classes on Clapham Common – what better way to improve your netball game than working out with an international netballer?

Kerry xxxxx