The Second Netball HIIT Session

Good news on a Monday morning – the last SportsFit HIIT workout was so popular that Marnie’s made us another one! This time it’s all about the legs.

Same drill as last time – you do a static pose, then a dynamic movement, then static again, then sprint a 10m shuttle (i.e. continuous 10m and back). For example, for move 1 below, you’d do the squat, then squat jumps, then hold the squat again, then sprint shuttles.

Marnie suggests the following times based on your existing fitness levels:
Beginner: 10 secs static pose, 20 secs dynamic, 10 secs static, 30 secs sprint
Intermediate: 20sec static, 20 secs dynamic, 20 secs static, 1 min sprints

As usual, thanks so much to Marnie for giving us this workout and to Sacha for filming and starring. Check out SportsFit’s brilliant London classes here.

1. Static move: Squat and hold

Squat hold

Dynamic move: Squat jumps

2. Static move: Lunge and hold

Static lunge

Dynamic: Jump lunges

3. Static move: Lateral lunges

Dynamic: Ice skaters

4. Static move: Single leg deadlift

Dynamic: High knees

5. Static move: Curtsey lunge

Dynamic: Star jumps

Please consult your GP before trying these exercises.

Thanks again to Marnie and Sacha for giving us this workout. If you fancy working out with an England netball player, check out SportsFit’s brilliant classes.

Kerry xxxx