12 Clips for the Netball Olympics Montage

The Olympic campaign is almost at 10,000 signatures! High fives all round and thanks so much to everyone who signed and shared. Please keep it up – we need to make this happen.

This week I thought I’d help out the future Olympics broadcasters and find some great netball highlights for them. I watched a couple of matches from the Netball World Cup and saw TONS of montage material showing netball at its best. Here are the 12 best moments I found from the matches I watched. If you have any other highlights from the NWC, I would love to see them! Share them with #whynotnetball or tag @netballsquad.

All videos available on the Netball World Cup channel (huge shout out and love to the INF for making them available).

12 Clips for the Netball Olympics Montage

1) Some feats of gymnastics

Moments like this are not hard to find (especially from the Jamaican netball team). Lots of netballers are former gymnasts – the Corbin sisters once celebrated winning a game by doing backflips.

2) Some explosive speed

Netballers are a pretty quick bunch – sprinter and Rio bronze medallist Asha Philip plays netball for Troy in London.

3) Lots of long jumps

Every catch in elite netball basically includes a long jump (while looking the other way, catching the ball and making sure not to go offside at the same time).

4) A few high jumps

Netballers have some heptathlon-level versatility.

5) Catching with one hand while doing the splits

No Olympic montage would be complete without Romelda Aiken.

6) All the quick thinking

Like this pass from Clarke, who spots Harten free under the post from the centre third.

7) The fast reactions

Ravaillon does the same as Clarke but throws in a cheeky intercept as well.

8) Players putting their bodies on the line

There’s falling, and then there’s hitting a wooden floor from jump height.

9) The top-quality sportsmanship

Like this lovely clip of England and New Zealand coaches Tracey Neville and Wai Taumaunu after the semi-final.

10) The passionate crowds

Especially the home crowds when their team wins the gold medal match.

11) The emotional celebrations

Australia’s celebrations after winning the World Cup are pretty reminiscent of Team GB’s brilliant hockey final.

12) Some heroic achievements

The best 2015 World Cup story has to be Julie Corletto, who played half of the final with a broken foot and won gold before retiring from the sport.


I mean, come on BBC – you need netball for your highlight reels!

If anyone has any other favourite World Cup moments, I’d love to see them – just share with #whynotnetball. And keep signing and sharing that petition!

Kerry xxxx