5 Netball Plyometrics Moves To Increase Your Power

Very exciting – we have another netball fitness workout for you all today! Thank you so much to SportsFit’s Marnie for putting this circuit together and to regular Netball Squad star Sacha for co-starring in it.

Plyometrics are great for working on your explosive power for netball, for example when you’re jumping for a rebound, sprinting for an intercept or driving on to the ball. Marnie recommends doing 10 reps of each move and 2 rounds of the circuit for beginners, 3 for intermediate and 4 for advanced. Try doing the workout once a week to see the improvements.

Note: before doing plyometrics you should already have a solid strength base (to avoid injury). You can build this up by regularly doing lunges, squats, calf raises and other leg strength moves. Head down to one of SportsFit’s classes or get a PT session with Marnie to find out more.

1. Broad jumps

These are great for building explosive power to sprint from standing still or drive on to the ball. Make sure to jump forwards (not up), land softly and don’t let your knees push out in front of your toes.

2. Burpee knee tucks

These are a great advanced move to really get your heart rate up and help you move your body around more efficiently.The lower-intensity variation is of course the normal burpee without a tuck jump.

3. Leg swing throughs

This is a great version of the mountain climber. Get into a good plank position with back straight, then drive your knees forward to the opposite sides. Copy Marnie on the right for a more advanced version.

4. Squat thrusters

Feel this in your thighs or your money back. Do a wide squat, touch the ground, then jump 180 degrees to face the other way. Again, make sure to keep your knees behind your toes when you squad to avoid putting too much strain on them.

5. Lunge runs

This is a great move to help you start and stop those netball sprints. Do five steps forward followed by a narrow lunge, and then five steps backward and the same.

Please consult your GP before trying these exercises.

Thanks so much to Marnie for creating this workout for us. If you want to get fit for the start of the new season or just fancy being trained by an international netball player, make sure to check out SportsFit’s London classes and personal training.