Netball Preseason: 11 Things We’re All Going Through Right Now

It’s the most wonderful time of the year – preseason has started! It’s great to see all the club photos coming up on Instagram again. Here are 10 things everyone’s going through in the weeks before the leagues start.

1) Investing in new shoes

My new babies #netball #asics #fitness #sports

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It’s totally justifiable to have an indoor and an outdoor pair, right?

2) Buzzing to get the dress back on

I love my netball dress so much. I’d wear it to work if I could.

3) Catching up with everyone

Aaannndddd we are back! After a long summer netball season is underway!! #netball #alpha #love #exercise #friends #squad

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I mean, it’s only been a couple of months. And we’ve been on tour and played social netball all summer. And we went out last Friday. But still…

4) Getting to know the new team

Probably including the annual ‘stand in a circle and tell each other your names’ ritual.

5) Being massively uncoordinated

bad catch

Preseason is a wonderful time spent remembering how to throw and catch.

6) Feeling super tired

Were quarters always 15 minutes? Feels like they’ve grown.

7) Getting all the fixtures in the diary

Jammin on my planner

And planning your life around them (OK maybe that’s just me).

8) Trying to remember how you managed 9am games

Genuinely have no idea how I managed to get up at this time last year.

9) Navigating loads of new WhatsApp groups


Which slowly become more chatty once you’ve all met.

10) Volunteering to be captain

And then realising you have no idea how to fill out a scorecard.

11) Loving being back on court

Bring on the start of the league!


Please keep tagging @netballsquad in your photos – love seeing them. See you all on court in a few weeks!

Kerry xxx