Netball SAQ with SportsFit

Happy Monday, netball fans!

Today we have ANOTHER great netball workout for you courtesy of the brilliant Marnie at SportsFit. It works on your SAQ or speed, agility and quickness – great to get your body back into the swing of netball in time for the new season. You don’t need any cones or equipment, so it’s ideal for after your run or before a training session.

Marnie suggests beginners doing 2 rounds of the workout, 3 for intermediate and 4 for advanced. Do each exercise in the routine for 20 seconds on each side.

If you’re loving these workouts and want to carry on, head down to SportsFit’s classes on Clapham Common. Marnie’s played netball and touch rugby for England and her classes are designed to help you jump higher/run faster/have more stamina for netball. Timetables are on the SportsFit website, sign up early to avoid disappointment!

Please consult your GP before trying these exercises.

1) Fast foot pivots

This is great for the brain and the legs. Start off with fast feet on the spot, then move one foot to tap 12, 3, 6 and 9 o’clock.

2) Diagonal runs

From your starting point, run at a diagonal angle for 3 steps, change direction and come back to your starting point. To really feel it in your thighs, include a slight squat when you change direction.

3) Side steps

The original and the best – it’s so important for netball players to work on lateral (side to side) movement. Take three side steps and then switch to face the other way.

 3) Two-step turn

Another one to get you thinking and improve your coordination. Run a few steps forward, then turn with two feet – see how Marnie (closest to camera) steps on her inside foot, then turns on her outside foot to run the other way.

5) Fast feet jumps

Perfect for defenders! Do 4 fast feet steps, then jump up vertically.


Thanks so much to Sacha for filming and starring as usual (and to Marnie of course!) Head to SportsFit’s website for all the info on the netball-specific classes and personal training.

Kerry xxx