11 Reasons Why A Netball Team Is The Ultimate Squad

I was inspired to write this article after reading TeachingMum81’s great blog post about the power of the #netballfamily. Joining a netball team was one of the best things I did when I moved to London – it gave me a new group of friends straight away and two years later we’re all still at the pub together every week. Share with your own netball team and let me know if this all sounds true for you!


1) You see each other all the time

Including at ungodly hours of the morning or after an awful day at work.


2) They’re always here if you need

Leah is a total WA.


3) Friends who tour together, stay together

Even if said tour is just to outer London.


4) You’re used to wearing matching clothes

Which we all know is #squadgoals 101.


5) The WhatsApp group never stops buzzing

Mainly because it’s always someone’s birthday.


6) You’re all totally different from each other

The Spice Girls should probably take my quiz to find out which position they should play in their netball teams.


If you’ve taken my Buzzfeed quiz, you’ll know the best netball teams have a diverse range of personalities.


7) You never let each other down

Beyonce - ultimate netball team captain

Via Tumblr

Work drinks? Birthday party? Hot date? No way, I’ve got netball.


8) You boost each other up

Metaphorically and literally.


9) You win and lose together

I think Abbi and Iliana should make a NY netball team

Via Bustle

There’s no I in netball. Or #squadgoals.


10) They’ve been by your side for all your greatest achievements

And they’re always the ones cheering you on.


11) And most importantly, you always have a great time with them

You can’t beat a get together with the netball team.


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Kerry xxxx