7 Reasons We Love Netball Tournaments

This weekend I played my first netball tournament of the summer and it got me super excited about all the other ones I’ve got lined up. Here are 7 reasons why netball tournaments are the best kind of days out.

1) You get to watch loads of great netball

Sevens and the City netball tournament

Via Sevens and the City

When you’re not playing, you can sit and watch a whole day of great netball matches from all the other teams. Top tip: go and check out the highest division to watch some really slick games.

2) 15 minute power matches

Move over, HIIT – netball tournaments have you beat. Matches generally only last 15 minutes which means everyone can play at high energy for the whole time.

3) It’s a day out with the squad

With everyone usually having to rush to and from netball games, it’s rare to have the whole gang together for the day. Even better if you can go away for the weekend at a festival like Bournemouth 7s.

4) It’s sunny

The weather at a netball tournament is always amazing, fact. You can even soak up the sun at the UK’s first ever beach netball tournament this summer.

5) You get to play against amazing players

I seem to always end up getting thrashed by a team of ex-England players at every netball tournament. Even if you get beaten 20-0, playing against them is a great experience and you feel fantastic every time you score a goal.

6) It’s an excuse for a picnic

Nicki and Bey enjoying their netball tournament picnic

Via Fuse

See also ‘eating all the food straight away and not being able to run around for the rest of the day’.

7) You don’t care if you win


It’s a treat if you do, but since it’s not the ‘real league’ nobody cares if not.


Head to my events page to find out more about this summer’s netball tournaments!

Kerry xxxxx