Netball Unagi

These clips are inspired by Osi’s brilliant article last week about setting team goals – go now and read it if you haven’t already! If you’ve been playing with the same teammates for a while, you’ll understand the feeling of knowing each other’s moves so well that you can pass to each other without thinking. How many of these moves do you manage to pull off with your team?

Throwing the ball in your air and knowing your teammate will appear

Caitlin Thwaites doesn’t even really look up before she passes the ball to her teammate Paige Hadley – serious teammate connection going on here.

Effortless one-twos

I.e. the sort of passes that leave GK’s heads spinning.

Three passes to goal

Because you’ve done it a thousand times before.

Spotting them a mile off

Or when your teammate only has to nod in a certain direction and you know where she’s going.

Speedy transitions

Because it’s so much fun to play give-and-gos all the way up court.

Long passes with pinpoint accuracy

Because you know they’ll be able to hang on to any dodgy passes.

A mid-air dab

Because if you’ve been playing together for a while, you know you need to be ready for 0.5-second passes.

Spotting them on the baseline

Another way to leave defenders’ heads spinning.

American football-style plays

Because you know they’ll be able to run on to it in time.

Threading the needle

For when you’ve been playing together so long that you know exactly where they want you to pass it.