10 Things We’re All Going Through At The Start Of The New Season

The new netball season is now well and truly underway and the struggles are very real. Here are 10 things netballers around the UK are going through right about now.

Not part of a netball club yet? What are you waiting for?!

1) Meeting the new teammates

The first training session is very similar to the first day of school – there are lots of names to learn and you’ve probably forgotten your trainers.

2) When the coach explains a new drill

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I am pretty sure most netball drills require a master’s degree or higher to understand.

3) Trying to play with new teammates

We’ll get there by Christmas, right?

4) The first time the Saturday morning alarm goes off

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And you wonder why you ever signed up for this nonsense.

5) Remembering how terrible English weather is

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Of course Storm Brian booked itself in for a Saturday. Truly the only thing worse than playing in bad weather is coaching in it #therealmvps

6) Remembering how long 15 minutes is

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Hands up if you were grateful to come off after a quarter for a nice sit down.

7) The first time you step on court in matching kit

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Nothing makes you feel more like winners than wearing matching uniforms.

8) The first team photo

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If Instagram is anything to go by, the bar has been set very high this year.

9) Getting your first win

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And telling absolutely everyone you know.

10) The first social

The team that parties together wins together.