10 GIFs of Silky Netball Skills

The netball GIFs are back by popular demand – this time we’re showing off some of the silkiest skills around. High fives all round if you manage to break any of these out on court.

Huge rebound

Awesome balance from Laura Geitz to keep this one in – bonus points for starting from a penalty as well.

Circle edge intercept

I mean, this is awesome. Loving Cullen’s work here intercepting the ball with such limited space.

No-look pass

Love the partnership between Bassett and Medhurst in the circle – the no-look pass has to be one of the sneakiest skills out there.

Kim Green Special

I don’t even know what to say, this is just vintage Kim Green. #WAgoals


Gutted we won’t see any more of Sammy Wallace in the Superleague this year now she’s off to join the NSW Swifts – love her teamwork with Clark and their great basketball passes.

Off-balance rebound

Awesome display of gymnastics from Facey to hang on to the ball and pass it without stepping.

Mid-air pass

The mid-air pass has to be one of the showiest skills around. Maximum style points awarded to Aiken.

Big catch

Awesome vertical leap by Guthrie here…

Even bigger catch

This has to be the definition of velcro hands. Sammy Wallace is so cool, she doesn’t even look fazed by these sort of passes.



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Kerry xxxx