SportsFit’s HIIT Netball Workout

The wonderful Marnie at SportsFit has created another exclusive netball workout for you this Wednesday! This time it’s a HIIT workout focusing on your core and upper body.

The format is a little different to the other workouts – this time you do a static pose, then a dynamic movement, then static again, then sprint a 10m shuttle (i.e. continuous 10m and back). For example, for move 1 below, you’d do the high plank, then burpees, then high plank again, then sprint shuttles.

SportsFit’s Marnie suggests the following times based on your existing fitness levels:
Beginner: 10 secs static pose, 20 secs dynamic, 10 secs static, 30 secs sprint
Intermediate: 20sec static, 20 secs dynamic, 20 secs static, 1 min sprints

As usual, thanks so much to Marnie for giving us this workout and to Sacha for filming and starring. Some serious leggings goals below.

1. Static move: High plank

SportsFit HIIT high plank

Dynamic move: burpees

2. Static move: plank

SportsFit HIIT plank

Dynamic move: plank up downs

3. Static move: side plank

SportsFit HIIT side plank

Dynamic move: push ups

4. Static move: Single leg high plank

SportsFit HIIT one leg plank

Dynamic move: mountain climbers

5. Static move: stretched out high plank

SportsFit HIIT stretched out plank

Dynamic move: plank jacks

Please consult your GP before trying these exercises.

Thanks so much again to Marnie and Sacha. If you enjoyed this, remember to check out SportsFit’s awesome classes and send us pics of you doing the workout!

Kerry xx