9 Reasons To Be Excited For Summer Netball

This week marked the official end of the winter netball season, which was very sad news for people like me. On the bright side, the withdrawal symptoms don’t have to last long because summer netball season is upon us! Playing netball in summer is 10000 times better than in winter for the following 9 reasons:

1) You can banish the baselayers

Joey ready to play winter netball

Via Tumblr

Those six layers of thermals can stay in the drawer until September.

2) You might stay dry

Rachel McAdams during a summer netball match

Via Her Campus

Strong emphasis on ‘might’.

3) You can actually jump around


Dry courts mean you can actually change direction and go for big intercepts without fear of landing flat on your face.

4) You can hit the beer garden afterwards

My favourite post-netball drinks location is the Duke of Edinburgh near the Brixton netball courts (pic above).

5) Playing in the sun is amazing


If there’s a better feeling than leaving work to go and play netball in the sunshine, I haven’t found it.

6) It’s not as serious

The Radio 1 presenters getting some practice in pre-trials


The official leagues are over so it’s a great time to try new positions, play with different people and have a laugh.

7) It (probably) won’t be cancelled

Again, you can never be sure. #britishweatherproblems

8) There are loads of summer tournaments

Netball at Sevens and the City

Via Sevens and the City

There’s Sevens and the City, Summer Social, Bournemouth Sevens, Beach Netball, Playnetball… The list goes on. Nothing beats a day of netball and sunshine.


And the best reason…

9) You can have a lie in

Helloooo, Saturdays!


Any more to add to the list? Let me know by using #summernetball!

Kerry xxxx