Beginner Netball

If you’re new to netball, don’t worry! London has loads of beginner netball going on and you’ll be among loads of people who are learning as well.

Back to Netball

Back to Netball is a fantastic initiative by England Netball and is one of the best ways to start Back to Netball ballplaying in London. The sessions are fantastic if you’re a complete newbie or an experienced player getting back into the game – it’s a really nice way to meet people and find out about social teams in the area. Sessions are led by a qualified coach and the drills are a great way to improve technique, so lots of people use it as a weekly training session for the social leagues. Sessions are usually something around £3, with the first one free, and there are loads around London (I can personally recommend the one on Mondays at Kennington Park!). You can find more info and locations on their website.