That Time I Met Ama Agbeze

Hi netballers,

Hope you’ve all enjoyed the bank holiday sunshine! I was lucky enough to be able to spend Sunday morning meeting the new England Netball captain Ama Agbeze thanks to the wonderful team at The Netball Club.


Ama was really lovely and down to earth (from what I’ve seen so far, the England team all seem to be great fun!!). She spent ages chatting to us all and it was really interesting to hear about her experience of playing in the ANZ (the Australia/New Zealand netball league) and how much more physical the teams are. 

One great defence tip she gave us was about confusing the space – if you keep working around the player you’re defending (see demo below) then even if the shooter is holding well, the feeder doesn’t know which space to throw the ball to.


I thought the proudest moment of my netball career so far was being cheered on by Eboni Beckford-Chambers, but this week topped it: Ama was my defender during a drill! TNC’s Kathryn managed to get an action shot of it, for which I will be eternally in her debt:


If you’re interested in getting some extra netball training in (or starting for the first time), The Netball Club run netball training sessions like these every other Sunday. There might not always be England team members there, but the players at The Netball Club are a really great laugh! Have a look at their website for all the details.

Kerry xxx