7 Great Reasons To Watch Netball On TV

In case you haven’t heard, there is TONS of netball on TV in the UK this week. Sunday’s England v Australia match is even being shown live on the BBC (full fixtures at the end of the article). I know lots of us love playing netball but don’t really watch it on TV – if that sounds like you, here are 8 great reasons for you to tune in.

1 You can pick up tips

If you watch a game of high-level netball you’ll almost certainly spot some new moves to break out next time you’re on court.

2 It’ll get more press coverage

The more people watch netball and talk about it, the more it’ll get featured in the sport section of the papers and news, which means…

3 Other people will start to understand it

If I had a penny for every time someone told me netball was “boring” or “static”… Netball being on TV means more people can see it being played at its best.

4 It’ll get more sponsorship

Higher viewing figures show that there is a big audience to be found in netball. This then leads to bigger sponsors and more money for the leagues and teams. Hopefully meaning…

5 More sports companies will get involved

Okay, so maybe this isn’t as important as the others, but I do think there should be more clothes designed for for the biggest women’s sport in the UK (and possibly worldwide). I love my Asics but I look forward to the day when I can go and buy some Nike bibs or an Ivy Park netball dress.

6 It could help get netball into the Olympics

The new sports getting into the Olympics are being judged partly on their social media followers and viewing figures. The more people tune into netball, the more likely the IOC are to sit up and take notice (signing the #whynotnetball petition will also help!)

7 It’s women’s sport at its finest

I’m sure I’m preaching to the converted here, but the games are just gonna be brilliant to watch. Support your country, choose a Superleague team, get the gang round and settle in…


FIXTURES: South Africa v Australia on Sky Sports Mix Tuesday from 4.50pm,  England v New Zealand on Sky Sports Mix Thursday from 7.30pm, England v Australia on BBC 2 and Sky Sports Mix on Sunday from 1pm. The UK’s Superleague begins on Sky Sports Mix on 21st Feb (fixtures here).